Furious AS is a company that develops games and other types of software.


Our main goal is to create super awesome, free to play games. We don't want you to have to pay to win - we want you to have fun and win at the same time. It is our core belief that no one's personal assets should have an effect on any game. That being said, we do offer in-game purchasable items for those who want to go for the extra style points. After all, one should be able to personalize their game experience, right? Bottom line - we're all about fun. Your fun and our fun alike.

Company Overview

We're a company that tries to reach out to an audience globally with our games, services, and other types of software.



Google Map of Horten Norway Kongeveien 79
Furious AS, Kongeveien 79, 3184 Horten, Norway